What is Discussed in Level 1 Orientation ?

1. What are the problem points at 3+ and 4 + for the kids,that stops them to achieve Foundational literacy ?

2. What are fundamental language skills ?

3.Why do we need a sequence in the language skills to achieve foundational literacy ?

4.What are motor skills ?What are the milestone that the child will have to achieve in Gross and Fine motor development ?

5. Why and How are patterns important elements in foundational literacy ?

6. Why identifying the letter sound and phonic sound is a major challenge for a child ?

7. What is the 30 day challenge in level 1 in Coding Phonics?

8. What will you learn in next 30 days to achieve Phonic?

9. What are the significant elements of Level 1 program in Coding Phonics ?

10. what are the developing skills by the end of 30 days in this program ?

What is this Program not about ?

Important instructions to parents in teachers

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